Monday, April 7, 2014

Failure At List Completion

Good Morning Cupcakes!

It is Monday yet again.  Man, how in the heck does Monday come around so fast, but Friday takes forever to get here!

First and foremost; CONGRATS to KING GEORGE on his "Entertainer of the Year" from the ACM's last night.  He truly deserves this honor.  Not because he is retiring but because he truly is a fabulous entertainer.  I feel sad that future generations will not get the chance to experience Mr. Strait in his glory and amazingness!

Also, rest in peace Mickey Rooney and thank you for the years of humor you bestowed upon us.

This weekend I got absolutely nothing done that I was supposed to get done before my trip, which means it is crunch time!!!  I still have a few laundry items and the entire suitcase to pack!  I know it is only a  week but I have this weird issue where I like to be over prepared.  Not to mention I didn't get the posts I wanted done to schedule for my beauties!

Friday night had me out and about with two of my ladies and of course it was a blast.  It is a great feeling to have friends that you can go months without seeing or really talking to that much but the time never seems longer than a couple of days when you are finally together again.

Saturday was chock full of tee ball, a "Mixology" marathon and rum drinks at King's Fish.  There was supposed to be a movie in there, but of course that didn't happen!  I did however have a twin in the form of Jenn!  Coral shirts, blue jeans and brown boots.  Yes you can tell we are sisters!

Sunday was supposed to be full of getting ready but my darling mother side tracked me!  Instead I had a polish change; mini bar purchases for our flights and travel sized toiletries!

Like I said, no packing.  Ugh!  Well I am off to work and after that I get to go tap dancing!!!  I am a little ecstatic about that!!!

Dateless in Dallas

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