Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Banquet of Life.

(yes this is grammatically incorrect, but I am using it anyway!)

It is crazy to think how fast life changes and in what way it affects us all, whether it be big or small.  Seven years ago the world lost an amazing, artistic and truly genuine soul.  My dear friend Megan, you may be gone but you are never forgotten.  I will forever cherish the phone calls we shared while in college elevators and the passion we both had for writing and the fabulous Lucille Ball musical “Mame”.  I also know that a year after your death you were one of my guardian angles as my little sister and I were robbed and had our car stolen at gun point.  Know that you are never forgotten and always near and dear to my heart.  I pass by your final resting place and although I don’t stop I think of you and your smile and kind disposition.  You are truly missed and thank you for watching over all of us.
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