Friday, April 4, 2014

Crushed Knuckles Not Dreams

Good Day Sunshines!
We made it to another bright and early Friday.  My last Friday at work as I will be off in a tropical jungle next Friday.  And yes, I really enjoy rubbing that in.  That being said, it is time to get on that packing train.  I love that my list is complete (I am a list whore, I love making lists!) and all of my clothes are washed and ready to be rolled and folded into the depths of my suitcase along with swimsuits and flip flops.
I loved every single second of the cold, foggy, windy, rainy, snow we received Tuesday into Wednesday.  I am still sad it is April and we didn't receive an actual winter.  It really irritates me when people that live on the mountain talk shit about getting winter… Oh I am sorry, did you forget you live a mountain that receives weather?  If you don’t like it move to the beach, Hawaii, wherever your heart desires, just shut the F up!

I think it is time to upgrade my phone… The damn thing shuts off randomly.  Keeps deleted texts or deletes texts that I need to keep.  I am pretty sure it is possessed by Satan or something evil.  I have my eye on the iPhone 5s in champagne and I am just waiting until I return from my trip because knowing me, I would drop a brand new phone into a margarita.

I received this AWESOME Vera Bradley mug via Jenn over at quirky pickings as part of her Swapportunity.  I intend on participating once I get back from my trip.  I think it is great Jenn is hosting this fun little thing.  It was a great surprise and I am super excited to have a new mug (especially because my hulk strength tightened my other travel mug and now the lid won't budge!).

One last thing for Friday- Apparently the Post Office and I have a war waging.  I have had many issues (who hasn't ) with the PO. Well last night as I was reaching into get my package I pretty much ripped all of the skin off of my thumb knuckle.  It didn't stop there.... Of course I was wearing a cream blouse and the stupid wound started to bleed profusely.  I still have no idea whether or not I saved my shirt from the blood spigot!  It doesn't look so bad today, but it hurts like hell.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I know I will.  Especially knowing I have my one injury per week down and done.
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