Monday, January 20, 2014

Why I Could Live In A Hotel...

This past weekend took me out of my mountain comforts to my home away from home in Laughlin, Nevada. I was lucky enough to stop by Ludlow and Amboy and travel parts of the "Historic Route 66" running parallel to the Interstate 40. The only unfortunate part was traveling along with my parents, which meant having to snap photos from the backseat as we flew by at 60+ miles per hour. This act brought back the feeling of being seven years old and begging for a pee break. Thankfully now I know I can hold it.

We came across original structures along with abandon housing. It's incredible to think the installation of the I-40 ruined these towns. (These towns are the basis for "Radiator Springs" in Disney's animated film "Cars"in case you didn't already put that together.)

Arriving in Laughlin I lost some (ok a shit ton of it) money and I was in bed before my sister even got her butt there.

Saturday was filled with bloody Mary's, Bubba Gump's, watching everyone else gamble followed by dinner at the Saltgrass. If you have a Saltgrass near you, go ASAP, no questions asked. Be sure to order a Lone Star beer with a lime wedge and your steak medium (anything over that is just wrong and you should have to eat chicken or fish!). The Saltgrass is the only steak house that I have been to that I find reasonable on price with incredible steak. That is one thing Texans got right.

You're probably asking what any of this has to do with hotel living... Well alas
With my love of travel, there is a great fondness for "hotel living". I know, without a doubt, that I would thoroughly enjoy living in a hotel room. There would always be fresh linens and towels along with a made bed every night. Of course it would get a little pricey, especially if you're adding room service to the ticket!  Not to mention that hotels always have the best bars or are SUPER close to the best places in town.  Hotel life wakes me up early, even after a late night.  And HELLO to climate control.  I love being able to set the thermostat exactly where I want it.  (Hello bratty chick!)

I came home to a catastrophic loss in football.  I don't want to talk about.  Not right now, probably not ever.  I will say I want to see Peyton and Wes take it home especially after ghetto-fied Sherman's interview with Erin Andrews.  Talk about unprofessional.

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