Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crazy Confessional- round one

Whew it's finally Wednesday and for the very first time ever I am linking up with Miss Bella over at Dateless in Dallas for her "Wednesday Confessions". Recently I have linked up with her and I adore her blog. She is entertaining and it's nice to know there are other single gals out there just living life.

I am pretty sure it's just a slump, but I'm starting to feel extremely guilty for not working out in a long time. My ass needs to step it up before (or if) the weather changes.

I bought amazing stationary and I have been too lazy to write out any of the notes that I wanted to get out there to a few favorites in my life.

I'm completely bitter with the company Levi's. They changed the fabric and cut of my 515s and I'm pissed! Why change a good thing? Shame on you Levis!

As much as I love Eric Church, I'm angry at him for wanting to be a weird fusion of country, rebel country and rock. It's not working. I guess K was correct in telling me I'd eventually be let down as Eric was headed for a "sell out" era. F off EC!

Dateless in Dallas