Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I've Decided...

Here are a few things I have decided in the last 48 hours-

Hockey arenas are not a good place for a toddler's stage or ice show unless you are toward the bottom. (here's looking at you Disney!)

California's weather sucks and is depressing and mean.  Seriously, where the F is my snow, I am over this sunshine shit!

My work and co-workers often drive me to drink, or wish that drinking at work was still legit.  (Hello Mad Men.)

Organization, no matter how hard I try, is not in my blood.

My creative thought process is bigger than my intent to actually do a craft.

Someone stole my copy of The Great Gatsby.  Yes I kleptoed that back in high school, but it was mine.

Pinterest projects are lies.

Devil's Food will give you heartburn when consumed with lemon water.

There are not enough vacation hours in a year to make me happy.

The End.