Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Because it's almost Thanksgiving!

Since it is Thanksgiving week and all the cool kids are sharing what they are "thankful" for, I thought "Damn I better jump on this bandwagon faster than Alex Smith/ KC Chief fans!"  In all seriousness, I have already shared my feelings on Thanksgiving and gave a short list of what things I am thankful for.  (If you missed it, catch it here.)

With that, I figured I should expand and explore more of what I am thankful for.

My list first consisted of :
My family




My job


My friends
My blog readers and comments made on my blog.

Once I started thinking about the above list, I realized it is already pretty damn fantastic, but could use a few other things-

Booze in general- This is by far the best coping mechanism for holiday get-togethers.  Even my dad knows this as last night he said to me ,"So I need to get a gallon of vodka at Costco?"  Why yes Dad, yes you do!

Paycheck- Hello Black Friday shopping!

Energy drinks- thanks for all those over tired/ over hung morning when you helped a sister out.

Sisters- We fight, we get annoyed with each other, but who better to punch a bitch and elbow a douche than those two?
Last but not least:
The Cowboy Boot Collection- Or rather boots in general!  I love all of them and I am SO thankful I have SO many pairs.  Some call it addiction, some say its a problem... I say it's fantastic!

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and I hope they have safe one at that.