Monday, December 2, 2013

I lived through it.

Well Thanksgiving weekend is over and I lived through it pretty much unscathed.

Wednesday was my last day of work sort of a pseudo Friday and I kinda partied like it was a Friday night.  Note to self, eat before you decide you are going to go out drinking with the big boys.  Oh lord, my world was definitely spinning when I got home.  And waking up hungover on Thanksgiving is a typical "Krista" move.  However, I was up early, did my part and didn't dry heave.  That is #winning in my book.  It was actually quite a pleasant day.

Followed by Black Friday shopping, which I also lived through.  No buyer's remorse here, with exception to the Carhartt jacket from Bass Pro Shop that I just had to have and it is approximately 2 sizes too large!  I find it depressing, but I will live seeing as it wasn't really the jacket I even wanted.  And before you judge shopping at Bass Pro Shop, I dare you to enter just once and some small part of you will fall in love.  I mean where else will you find a Santa Claus and ammo boxes under one classy lodge-esque roof?  Oh and you can bring your dog!

Saturday was complete with putting away my Black Friday purchases away and heading the the annual craft fair for local crafters.  I didn't take any [pictures, but I was surprised at ow many vendors were in attendance.  I will say, I was disappointed to only see a handful of crafters/vendors from the mountain, most had traveled up from for the fair.  Seeing the passion some of these people have for their crafts makes me want to bust out a couple pinterest projects.  I followed Saturday up with my neighbor and lots of cran-brrr-itas and cheeses with crackers.  It was nice to catch up and be totally lazy and only have to walk home.  Score!

Sunday the family was together yet again for my grandmother's 85th birthday celebration.  It turned out good and she was nice, which was awesome!

That is how my four day weekend turned out, not too shabby!

 Mattie and I being silly; Black Friday loot; cran-brrr-itas and Pelligrino in my handbag that doubles as a ice chest; my mom's beautiful sparkle caked for my grandma's birthday.
 Birthday party selfie.  Check.
 Sissy and Mattie and Kayleigh for Sissy's birthday.
Grandma Grandma and her great grandkids.

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