Monday, November 25, 2013

Mtn Life Fail and Other Shenanigans!

Well it is Monday, but a Monday on a VERY short week.  Three days over here for me, not that I am gloating or anything!  

My weekend was slightly docile compared to some weekends I have had.

Nothing big to report really, except for the fact that I am a mountain girl, born and raised and well...
I can't even keep a fire going while it's sleeting outside.  This is probably the most disappointing trait I have if you ask my dad.  Eventually I got it to light back up, but now I know why gas fireplaces have always been something I longed for.

I caught this gorgeous shot on Sunday afternoon while the storm was blowing out towards the high desert.  Everything looks so green for November.

We celebrated my aunt's birthday a few days early since we all bowl (that is right, I am a weekly bowler) on Wednesday and will all be together on Thursday for the dreaded holiday.  

I don't think that I mentioned the "new" addition to our family in the form of a dog.  She is Taylor's and I am not impressed by her psychotic puppiness.  I find it annoying.  And no I am not a cat person.
I did not watch the AMAs as I was too caught up in the Sunday Night Football game.  I was happy to see my boys in NE pull it out after coming back after halftime 24-0.  That my friends is a well earned win.

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