Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Snow Day

It is FRIDAY!  Which means a combination of Friday's Favorites meets Five Things!
If you can't tell, I am SUPER excited as it is Friday and it is snowing!!!  The only downfall being that I am having to work, but whatever, I get snow and cold weather and I am so happy about that.  Although I do wish it was a tad bit colder... Like 20 degrees!

Anyways, let's get started-

One and Two- I have been blowing up my Pinterest Friday's Favorites board with tons of amazing boots and plaid!  I mean how can you not love these two items!!!!!

Three- I posted about Thanksgiving here and now i have more to admit... I am not making the dessert this year, I am buying it.  It is totally ok though because I am not really "lying" about it and the cute little local shop "Sweets 'N Stuff" makes amazing homemade baked goods.  Seriously, everyone I have talked to who orders from them falls in love and let's face it, I plan on drinking mass quantities of booze!

Four-  Is anyone else excited about the "Bonnie and Clyde" miniseries debuting on December 8th?  I am one excited girl.

Five- I am excited to be stricter about my carb cycling.  You can call me crazy, but it is seriously the easiest eating pattern that I can actually see using for a long time.  Besides, I love salads, love chicken and you can definitely pile my plate high full of veggies.  You should check out Chris Powell's program on his website.