Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer BBQs

Summer and BBQ go together like the moon and stars, peanut butter and jelly, Ike and Tina...  O.k. maybe not the last one so much, but you catch my drift.

Here in Southern California we have been living an endless life of summer time with the occasional rain storm or fog.  That being said, it is time for out door dinner parties and clean patios.  That is what I will be working on this month.

I love having people over and I love when everyone brings something to add to the meal at hand.  I am a huge proponent of tri-tips, grilled chicken, grilled fish, veggie trays, salads and fresh fruit in the summer months.  The easier the recipe the better.

I really don't even mind the clean up, so long as we use paper plates, plastic utensils and there is an empty dishwasher to be loaded.  

Summer nights are all about people around you, the food before you and cheers you give one another with wine, beer or spirits.  

Here's to another great summer!