Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1st!

We are pretty much halfway through this year... That is crazy to me.  Before you know it we will all be discussing Christmas and snow.

How does time go by so fast?

And more importantly, how did I not blog as much as I promised myself I would?

That is the question that is killing me the most.  We all get busy, we all have lives away from the computer and cyberspace, but why wouldn't I make time for something that just makes me happy?  Because of life, that is the simplest answer I have.

Here are my June goals-

Stop by my blog and actually post twice a week.

Meet my It Works goal of 4 customers by June 20th.  Anyone interested in changing you life for the healthier?

Put some more money into my savings account.

Get back to four days a week of cardio.

Want to share your June plans with me?