Friday, May 26, 2017

"Direct" Personality

On Wednesday I walked into a training course on communication.  I was surrounded by 12 people I had never met before and, frankly, will never see again.  They all worked together and I am from a workplace 2 hours away.  The workplace dynamic between these people was interesting to say the least.

Our instructor jumped right in and made us do group activities, starting with a round of Mad Gab cards.  Apparently I am a genius at this game, or these people were just not good at it.  After that nice little ice breaker, we jumped into communication and its importance.

To my left was a table of two women and a man.  To my right was my partner, Christy, and then a table of all men.  The men were crack ups.  I don't think I have heard so many men giggle as I did on Wednesday.

After the little 1980's film about miscommunication we jumped into a personality test.  With four different personalities to choose from , I knew which one I would be immediately.

Here is the thing about me, I am not warm and cuddly.  Especially not at work.  I have a job to do and sometimes I have to be horribly stern with customers.  It comes from working with billing and non payment.  People don't realize it, but it really does take a particular personality to get the job done.  My heart doesn't bleed (often) for people and I come across with a "take no shit" demeanor.

So it was no surprise when my results were "direct" personality.

Everyone else was spirited (something shiny syndrome), considerate (let's group hug) and systematic (the OCD of the office).  Then we were put into groups...

How many people were in my group you may ask..

Just one.


I had to complete the negatives of my personality and you would not believe how these people were afraid to hurt my feelings by saying negatives about my personality trait,

I know I am defensive in body language, inconsiderate to emotions of other, and have a tendency to be a fast paced, fast talking person who tends to work alone.  These are not new to me.

I couldn't help but laugh as these 12 strangers were so shy about the personality traits.  In fact one man said, " I would hate to work with you, because you would make me actually do my job..."

Why yes Stan, I would.

All in all, it was a great course and I don't think I have laughed so much in a work training.

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