Monday, May 15, 2017

The Good Old Hockey Game

For starters, if you don't know the title of this post is lyrics to a song, you are not a true Canadian hockey fan.  I am neither Canadian nor a hockey fan, but that didn't stop me from going to Game 7 of the Western playoffs to watch the Anaheim (Mighty, yes they will always be the Mighty Ducks to me) Ducks and the Edmonton Oilers last week.

Truth be told, it was amazing to witness such a huge victory crowd, but it still leads me to believe that they are all front runners from Orange County in their hideous orange and black.

Seriously what happened to the purple and jade of the 90's when the Disney Company founded the team at the Pond (which is now the Honda Center... I hate change!)?

Anyways, this wasn't my first professional hockey game.  They are fun.  It is a great atmosphere, full of excitement, and for the most part the fans are respectful to the visiting team's fans.  

As for the game, I don't know much about hockey other than the players want to get the puck in the net of the opposition.  The plays are fast and it is more intriguing than soccer or basketball.  That being said, I do know a bit about the history of hockey, the original six and the fact that Canadians are HARDCORE fans!

I really think hockey is more exciting in the movie "Mystery, Alaska" than it is IRL, buT that could be because Russell Crowe is sort of endearing as are the rest of the guys.