Friday, May 19, 2017


Sometimes bloggers are a little less creative than usual.  This week is one of those weeks and this post is one of those posts.  So here is what I am currently up to.

It Works- I finally stepped up and signed up to be a Distributor of It Works.  The products are amazing.  There is something like 46 products, but I swear by four of them.  After two years of using the hair, skins nails vitamins I knew I had to sign up.

The Beatles- Lately I have been listening to The Beatles.  I have always been a fan, it just seems like lately their music is good for my soul.  Plus SiriusXM just added The Beatles channel... I am in love!

Girls River Weekend- This weekend has been a few months in the making.  We picked a date back in February and stuck with it and now the weekend is finally here.  We had a few girls drop out, but 4 of us are still going for some fun in the sun to work on tan lines.

"The America Heiress"- I picked this book up at Target and  I am planning on starting it this weekend.  I recently finished "Last Woman Standing" and "The Secret Life of Violet Grant".  Both of which I liked and plan to recap on the blog.

Hoping everyone has a great weekend full of beautiful weather, shenanigans, and laughter.

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