Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dry Shampoo

As gross as it sounds, I don't wash my hair everyday or every other day.  It's more like two to three times a week.  Saying that, dry shampoo has become a best friend.  Some days I want more sleep, or maybe I was up too late, or maybe I just really don't want to do my hair....  Regardless of reason I love dry shampoo.

I have tried a lot of dry shampoos, even baby powder.  Some can add color to cover up the powdery gray color, some smell amazing, some don't do much and others leave your hair even greasier than when you started.  I have thick, wavy hair that is prone to getting oily after a day.

1. Bastite Brunette- I love this dry shampoo.  I have to say it is my favorite.  When my hair was blonder I still had dark roots so using the Brunette one wasn't a big deal.  It smells amazing and gives your hair body for an additional day or two.  It holds up well and using this product I was able to go a full 7 days between washes.  I don't do that anymore, but I had to try it out.

2. Not Your Mother's Tapioca Dry Shampoo-  I saw this and immediately ordered it.  The plus to this dry shampoo is the smell.  It is divine, but the product doesn't work so well on my wavy thick hair.  I have followed the directions to a T and for some reason, it leaves my hair plastered to my head as if the powder isn't absorbing the oil.

3. Tresemee Dry Shampoo- This brand was the VERY first dry shampoo I ever used.  It was the only I would use until I branched out.  The smell is over bearing for what it is.  The dry shampoo leaves your hair fresher if you can get used to the smell, which was a deal breaker for me.

4. Julep Dry Shampoo- Holy moly, this was not like dry shampoo at all.  It was more like spraying hair spray on my scalp.  I even tried a second can and it had the same effect on my hair.  There is literally nothing good about this brand.  I don't think the product did very well as their website no longer carries the dry shampoo.

I do love dry shampoo, but I most especially love how my hair is healthier and smoother on wash days, because I am not subjecting it to harsh washes daily.