Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Whiskey Tastings

A few months back a couple of friends and I came up with idea of doing  a whiskey tasting.  Sounds dangerous, right?

It was actually a nice evening, but I do feel like it could have been better.  Lately I have really sucked at life, including, but not limited to, party planning.  Somehow April 29th seemed SO far away in March when we planned the date.  I thought I would have the perfect little get together, complete with commemorative tasting glasses.

That didn't happen.

In fact the tasting glasses were actually seasoning shakers that I pulled the plastic caps off of from the Dollar Spot at Target.

We made tri- tips with two different seasonings.  A friend brought freshly dipped chocolate strawberries while another did mac and cheese.  There were baked beans, twice baked potato wedges, cheese, crackers with salami and pepperoni.  The variety of food helped to really savor the flavors of the whiskey's we tried.

The best part was the varieties of whiskey.  I am more a smoother whiskey fan so Pendelton tends to be my whiskey of choice and after Saturday night it still is.  Marker's Mark is still to harsh for my taste, but it was fun to get together with friends and try things out.

Now that I have plethora of whiskeys, stay tuned for a few whiskey cocktails in the coming weeks.

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