Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday's Favorites

It's Friday and I am so happy about that.  As much as time seems to be flying by, it is also VERY slow...  Most especially at work.

To celebrate TGIF, here are a few favorites from my week.

$1 Large drinks are back at participating McDonalds.  I am a sucker for the regular iced tea with lemon.  It gets me through the day and I love that it's just a $1.00!

Aleader Women's Running Shoes- I am a firm believer in more than one pair of shoes, especially if your feet get tired during walks/jogs/  I have Reeboks and Ascis that I love, but honestly both pairs are killing my feet.  While doing a search I came across these cuties.  The reviews are all good so I am thinking I may need to grab a pair.

This article about changing your life in 66 days.  I don't know if it is true, but I think it is worth trying out.

Football is 139 days away!!!  I cannot express how happy I am for football to be back in my life!  The official schedule was released yesterday and kickoff starts with The Chiefs at the Pats... We all know who is winning that one.

Have a great weekend!