Monday, April 10, 2017

"Change" Bothers Me

I was messaging with someone last night and they asked what I wanted to change about my life.  Without a thought or doubt, I responded with "nothing, my life is awesome."  And that is the truth.

I have an amazing family that supports me when I need support, the same goes for my group of friends.  Sure there are days where I would "change" certain things, but I don't require relocation or upending my life to be satisfied.

Obviously the term "change" started to rub me raw... I don't like that term because it implies there is something horribly flawed with a person that only something drastic can ultimately "fix".  Of course I believe in goals and personal growth, but I don't think people should go around shouting the word "change".

Yes I "change" the color of my hair, "change" my sheets, "change" my shoes, but if you notice these "changes" are always superficial and don't allow a person to become better.

It is time to trade in "change" for "strive" or "want".

I want to be a better person..
I strive for personal peace.

So no, I don't buy into "change".  If you need to "change," you gotta do you...  I will be over here working toward my goals.

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