Friday, April 7, 2017

Be A Boss Lady

Everywhere you turn there is something or someone telling women to be a "boss lady".  While most would think of a "boss lady" in terms of the working world; the truth is being a "boss lady" is a full time, all day every day status that women who own their lives get to flaunt.

Being a "boss lady" means:

Making and keeping doctor and dentist appointments.  No one else is going to make sure you are going when you're supposed to, this is on you.  Own your health.

Busting ass at your passions and work.  Maybe they are one and the same, maybe they are not.  If you want to rise above, get out there and bust your ass.  There are no silver platters around these parts, just the gold you worked hard for and earned.

Playing your own leading lady.  You want the guy, go for it.  That doesn't mean you'll get him, but it'll alleviate any regrets later in life.  Be in charge of your own love life.  If you need a match maker or Tinder to get there, do it.  Do not be ashamed of looking for love.  Or if you're looking for that hook up- just do it.  You don't owe answers to anyone, but yourself.  Just be safe and make sure he is single.

Creating a retirement plan.  This may seem eons away, but it will sneak up on you and you don't want to be the person who is solely dependent upon Social Security... Especially considering the Republican party wants to do away with Social Security.  Own your finances, make investments, pay attention to statements.  Set yourself up for retirement success.

We all have a set of rules we play by, just make sure yours are taking care of you and business at the same time and not catering to the ideals of society.

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