Sunday, January 22, 2017

Making A Den

All of my life I have watched my mom attack a project and when things don't go quite her way, my dad would pick up the pieces and put them together his way.  I have seen many a war begin and end with home improvement projects.  

Honestly, nothing has changed and anytime I have EVER tried to complete a project, somehow both of my parents have teamed up against me and taken it over.  After I moved out, I left all of my bedroom furniture in my childhood home and now my parents get to deal with the flat white I painted my dresser, mirror and nightstands.  They are not happy about it still and its been like a decade (insert maniacal laugh).

Anyways, now that I am living on my own things haven't changed much.  My parents are my neighbors and tend to visit, especially when I start a project.  For the two and a half years I have lived in my house I have had an unfinished room.  It is currently sitting full of unused exercise equipment and boxes upon boxes of holiday decor.  Truth be told, I really have no other place to put the decor, but it is time to do something with the space.  I have a few ideas, but mainly I am not sure which way to tackle them.  Anyone have any advice?

I have created a "Home Office/ Den" board on Pinterest and I will definitely be sharing progress along the way.  I know that I want light colors to lighten up the room and give a warmth off.  Also I want to create an office area where I can do my blogging and writing.  Here are a few looks that I absolutely adore.

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