Saturday, January 21, 2017

I Am A Woman

I am confident.
I am proud.
I am intelligent.
I am a hard worker.
I am a loved one.

I have worked for crappy bosses and great bosses.
I have worked for and with women and I have worked for and with men.
I have gone to church.
I have cried when I have felt betrayed.
I have risen above pettiness to live my life.

I matter because I am human.
I matter because people love me and I love them.
I matter because I was created with a heart and soul that feels.

I should be given the same opportunities for respect, an education, equal pay, healthcare,and fundamental rights the way men are.

I am the young girl you pass at the park, the awkward teenager getting braces, the unsure twenty something, the young mother, the brokenhearted thirty year old, the accidental love interest, the cynical mid forties lady at the market, the divorcee, the determined fifty something...  I will continue to be in the heart of each female you encounter in your life.

I am a woman and I am equal.