Thursday, January 26, 2017

Oh, Brad

I would like to introduce y'all to Brad.  Brad seemed like a nice guy, we met, exchanged numbers, texted and finally met up for dinner and had a nice time late last summer.  We tried to schedule a second date, but something about him working late and him getting pissed off about my schedule made it impossible to reschedule.  I actually never heard back from him regarding a rescheduling of the second date.   That was almost 6 months ago! I would get random "hi"s and that was it.  Well yesterday I got a "hi" and this what commenced...

This is totally shitty, because on all social media outlets he is in a relationship with a girl named Katie.  Now I am not saying they couldn't have broken up and he could just bad at updating profiles, but I demand respect and getting pissy and disappearing isn't going to fly around these parts.  Maybe he is licking his wounds, or maybe he found some other girl to entertain his bullshit, but it wasn't me.  

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