Thursday, January 19, 2017

FB Drama

So I don't really know about y'all, but I have this thing.  I won't really call it a problem, maybe it's more of a flaw?  I like to "research" people from my past via Facebook.  And not just people from my past, but friends of friends, family of friends, I think you get the picture.  Yet sometimes, no stalking "researching" is needed, all I have to do is look at my news feed.

This normally doesn't amount to anything other than wasting time, but keep in mind- once I see certain things, I cannot for the life of me, ever un-see them, I cannot erase asinine rants, idiotic statuses and I can never ever face you if I accidentally hit "request friend".

Political Nonsense- I have recently found that people have opinions that garner no intelligence whatsoever!  For instance, I have a friend who claims he never votes, it's stupid no voices are heard, blah, blah, blah... He then chooses to post about how America is screwed... Well sir, the reason we are screwed is due to people like yourself.  V-O-T-E or shut the f up.

Ex boyfriends/dates/crushes-  These are somehow thrilling to look up while drinking wine and catching blurbs of my DVR recordings.  You look up a name and start going through photos, wishing and hoping he hasn't found anyone better than you, because clearly you are AWESOME! And then BAM!  There is a girl in the photo and all sorts of thing start scrolling through your mind.  As women, we immediately start dissecting all the reason this "person" is wrong for you and neglect to read the comment about your "baby cousin growing up" and we hate you.  We hate you more than the day you broke up with us, left us, moved away or whatever else you did.  Girls have crazy brains.

Vague FB Statues- Here is the thing, you can't just post that and not expect to answer it.  People either don't want to hear about it all or want every detail and you are opening yourselves up to unwanted questions.  Besides it is no one's business if your boyfriend gave you an STD because he slept with a stripper...  That is a "need to know" basis and the land of FB does NOT need to know that!

Facebook is a wonderful place to connect, but some of these people really need to remember it's about connection.  It is not a diary... If you want to do that, start a blog like I did.  Happy Facebooking.

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