Monday, August 29, 2016

Sportsmanlike Conduct

On Saturday afternoon I went to my little sister's championship softball game.  She plays adult women's ball so the "championship" really is just for bragging rights.  I have to hand it to these women, they work, some have kids, some are 18, 20 30 and some are up toward their 60's and they are all out there playing their hardest, having the time of their lives.

Saturday's game was intense.  It seemed the opposing team is a little dirty to play against, but like I mentioned, these women were playing their hearts out.  The opposing team was in the lead and for some reason they have a two male coaches (every other teams is ALL women, including coaches who double as players) one of which communicated to the pitcher not to throw to my sister.  They walked her...

Might not seem like a big deal, but it was.  The girl can hit and that was taken away from her (and honestly I have never agreed with the walk rule, but I didn't invent the rules of the game) which ended up screwing the other team, because she stole 2nd base causing a run to come in.

Next time she is up to bat. the coach again decided to walk her.  We all booed and jeered, but there was no cussing and honestly then fans of my sister's team were getting aggravated.  Why would they continue to play ball this way?  The other coach, who happened to have a mowhawk, struts across the field and starts telling my dad if he doesn't like the way they play ball the can "meet in the parking lot after the game"....


Dude, it is a women's softball game and that is the wrong thing to say to my pops (or anyone in my family for that matter).  I said back, "I'm sorry, did you just say you're going to meet him in the parking lot?" and the guy yells something like "that's right" and proceeds to grab his junk and shake it at my dad...  I don't think anyone with class, respect or common decency would shake their shit at him, unless they really are looking for a parking lot fight.

I lost it, I stood up and looked right at the guy and said" Yo Mowhawk that's fine, I will clean my toilet bowl with your mowhawk later!"

Not my finest moment.

Things simmered down, the other team won and continued to play the "victim" and tried to allege that my dad charged their dugout, he was 10 feet away, at the top of the bleachers.  It made me start thinking about sportsmanlike conduct and how we can't hold our children accountable, if we aren't setting good examples.  The booing was in jest, but also annoyance, we didn't call names, but a coach chose to become grotesque and macho creating a bigger problem.  When did society get so mean?