Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ladies League Fantasy Football

If you follow Sarah over at Venus Trapped In Mars you know she is all about sports, especially Fantasy Football.  Last year I was lucky enough to sign up and play with 20 other ladies and win the entire thing.  I still don't know how I came out ahead, but I did and I think it was Cam Newton and his fire arm!

This year I missed signing up which was a major bummer to me.  I am already in two leagues, but what is adding one more?!?!  As I was talking with Jen over at South in the City, I decided to have my own ladies league.  The buy in will be $10 via pay pal and the winner will take all.  Currently we have 4 interested and ideally I would like to have a league of 12 so that means we need 8 more to sign up.

If you have never played before that is ok, this is a great way to get into the game and maybe even bond with your dude when you ask for "advice".  If yo have played before, what is another league to add to the mix?  We will playing on the ESPN app and I promise it will be tons of fun.  The draft will be Saturday or Sunday depending on how many people we get to play as the first official game is next Thursday, September 8th.  Shoot, if we do this fast enough maybe we can draft Friday night!