Monday, June 6, 2016

Spoiled Southern California Weather

This past week Southern California was hit with an early heat wave and let me just say this, pretty much everyone and their mother was a cranky SOB.  You might think I am exaggerating, but if there is one thing Californians are bad at (besides traffic and earthquakes, which don't get me going on those) it is weather that is less than pristine.

Yes we are spoiled in the weather department.  Living in a state with so many different climate options really makes for great experiences, but when Mother Nature breathes her fiery death of smog, heat, and wildfire weather we complain and with good reason...  The idiotic weather people seem to use propaganda to make hot weather something Satanic and we eat it up.

The same goes for winter weather... We always have some sort of "Storm Watch" going on.  Basically when Mother Nature is feeling feisty she picks Southern California to screw with.

Humidity can be 1% and we DIE!

No point in trying to look good during a heat wave, your make up will run off your face with your sweat and if it doesn't, it will smear with the tears of pain from the heat.

Air conditioners are unheard of in older homes, mountain homes, beach homes...

Stay out of the desert.. You will die.

Pyromaniacs come out of the woodwork and make life a literal inferno.

Everyone flocks to the beaches creating traffic jams 2 hours long.

WE LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN when it comes to unexpected, early heat waves.

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