Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Currently June

I decided to link up with Anne and Jenna to let everyone know what's been going down so far in June.

Planning- This weekend Jen is heading back up tot he mountains for a weekend of live music, beer, wine and girl time with myself and Kristal.  It seems we are good at getting together every two months and having a blast.  I have a few plans for us which I hope work out so I can share them with y'all come Monday.

Enjoying- 7-11's 12 different flavors of soft gummi bears.  This pack is seriously no joke and it really hits the spot.  Gummi bears are probably my favorite candy of all time and I am thinking of requesting a few of these as birthday presents next month.

Buying-  Bath and Body Works is running their semi annual sale and it is a great time to stock up on the beloved 3 wick candles and deep cleansing hand soaps.  Go get yours ASAP.

Craving- A vacation from all of it!  I really just want to pack up and hit the road... Only two problems, money and time.  Maybe I should just go camping or something.   A girl can dream...

Pinning-  I have been a terrible contributing member of Pinterest society lately.  I need to get on there to find the best deals on printing and designing t shirts though.  Someone (ahem, me) was nominated to run "fan apparel" for a youth sports organization this fall.