Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wanderlust Is Calling

I have been here too long...  Well not here, but in the mundane yet chaotic average everyday life and I am starting to feel the sadness and depression seeping into my soul.  Sadness and depression because it is time to go somewhere...  It is time for a trip to experience something new and exciting.  Somewhere I have never been or if I have, somewhere I need to explore and experience in a different manner.

While I have been to Vegas multiple times in the last month and a half, it isn't what I need.  I need to be away from the city landscapes, traffic and the mad sounds of the city.  Nature and its beauty is what I want to see.  Maybe it will calm the frantic indecision I feel?  Or maybe it will calm the restlessness that is running deep?

Travel is my escape, but at the same time it is a learning experience.  It is a deeper appreciation for the life I live and the gifts I have been given.  It calms and gives a sense of purpose.  Some may think I use it as a means to avoid life, but I use it as a means to understand life deeper.  There isn't a traveler out there who isn't more emphatic to the world they are living in.

Travel is an ever aching need for more... More sights to see, more people to meet, more margaritas and cocktails to consume, more destinations, more miles traveled, more moments photographed.  Simple put- travel equals more.

I don't know, but I have a very sinking sensation it is time to hit the open road.