Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Style and Grace

I love clothes and I love shoes, most especially cowboy boots.  In addition to loving clothes, I have been known to be "cheap" or as I prefer the term "nifty" in buying clothes.  There is no coupon site unearthed when shopping online.  The thing is, if I were to be a fashion blogger I would be so awkward!  Like, really, really awkward.

If I were to pose it would look like a chicken with its head cut off.

Truthfully, I follow a shit ton of fashion bloggers and I constantly think, "wow, I have that exact same outfit in my closest... Only I spent like a million dollars less because it is Old Navy and Target not Nordstrom".  Which then leads to thoughts of being a knock off fashion blogger... Is there such a thing?

If so would you read it?  If I did it, who would take my photos?  Where would I find a brightly colored wall in my small mountain town?  Won't people stare at me as I am trying to pose?  Could it be worth it?  When do I get free shit?  Will it work?

Clearly I have style and grace, but really how does this whole thing work?  I might actually have to investigate...