Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Things Men Don't Understand

As a woman I get asked so many random questions by guys about the lives of women and things that men "just" don't get.  It isn't to say women are easy and for the most part everything we need, say, do, go, etc has a purpose that makes perfect sense to us.

Blogging, for instance, is something that is a hugely women.  That's not to say there are not men out there throwing their feelings into a post, but for the most it's us ladies.  Guys don't get how we can tell millions of strangers about our depressing break ups, embarrassing drunken moments, or basically pouring our hearts out.

DIY Projects are something a woman will consistently pin until there is absolutely no tomorrow.  This doesn't mean that we are actually going to complete each and every one and if we do, you had better be rooting us on with a glass of wine and a back rub when we are done.  Women always have a vision for the future and it is ever changing, the way a river flows.  Just hold on and you might end up with a sweet man cave somewhere along the way.

Countless group texts with our girls are what get us through the day, the drama and the latest episode of Scandal.  It doesn't mean we don't wanna  hear from you, it just means that while you are sitting next to us we still need our girls.  Also don't freak about girl's nights... They are the same as your poker night, but with more giggles and sex talk... I guarantee it.

Instagram freak outs...  This one is tricky, because we could literally be freaking over something good or bad.  We live our lives vicariously through the strangers on IG and we are not ashamed to share those images with you and our jealousy, lust and need to take better pictures of the same destinations.  It's not because we are insane, we just need to travel...

Product hoarding is something that scares guys and it is because they really don't understand what it takes for us ladies to look half way decent when we leave the house.  No, I may not use each product every day, but you better bet your ass I will know if it is missing!  Products are like shoes, you may not need them, but you will die without them!

I am positive there are so many more things guys don't understand like-

Why we hoard DVRed movies/shows.
The obsession we still have with 90's boy bands.
Eating healthy all day for that one piece of chocolate cake at the end of day.
How we can consume an entire bottle of wine in less than an hour, but beer makes us bloat.
Why we will never understand the world of whatever stupid sport you're watching, except football.
Or how we don't understand the importance of home brewed beer...

You may not understand, but you will love us anyway.