Saturday, May 7, 2016

Affordable Travel

** I have partnered with Personal Capital to bring you some affordable travel options.  All opinions are strictly my own. **

If you have been around these parts before you know I have a passion for traveling and experiencing new things.  If not, you now know.  With as much as I love to travel you would think I was making big money...  I am not.  I just make decisions in budgeting that allow me to go to the places I want to see.  No, I don't get to go right away and it really does take planning and shopping around for low costs, but I assure it can be done.  Personal Capital is a great way to take a look at your finances and start planning those dream trips along with saving money at the same time.  They will tell where your money should go and how to budget in that trip you have been desperately planning.

When I pick a destination to travel the first thing I do is use Google to tell me high season versus low season.  For instance, Alberta in 2014 was planned in November as it wasn't peak winter season nor was it peak summer season.  We were able to plan that trip for about $1500 a person (airfare, hotels, rental car and fuel).  After searching and searching, I actually had booked all of our hotels prior to any flights because the flights were so expensive.  I held out and two months prior to our trip, I found airfare for $360 rt between Orange County and Calgary.  That was a steal, considering the previous month it was $700 RT.

Here are my favorite tips and tricks to affordable travel-

Utilize travel sites such as Travelocity, Trip Advisor, Expedia, Go Seek Travel.

Check back in with these sites... Keep your eye on the prize of lower costs.

Clear you cookies out regularly.  I don't know if it is true or not, but I have heard your computer helps websites remember you're looking sticking you with higher prices.

Google high and low seasons of your destination.

Use discount codes and promos, especially AAA.

Check rates to and from surrounding areas.

Use a budget tracker like the one Personal Capital offers, best of all, it is FREE.

Look at bundled deals versus booking everything separate.

Weight the options of a rental car versus public transportation.

Travel with friends, it cuts the costs of hotels and rental cars.

Look for city tours with multiple stops in lieu of public transportation/rental car.

Check Groupon and places for price reduced events.

Google free events while you are in town.

Most of all, enjoy your trip!!!!!