Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

  With how crazy and chaotic life can be sometimes, I know I don't always say thank you.  

  Your'e the one who raised me to be strong and passionate, independent and to always go with my gut. 

  You dried the tears I cried over skinned knees, mean girls and broken hearts.

  You yelled and disciplined me when I needed it most... Especially every time I gave you the wrong directions.

  You held my hand when I crossed the street and taught me the importance of looking both ways, not just in the street but all avenues of life.

  You laughed and sang along with me to the radio and concerts.

  You were my cheerleader, confidant and most important, a great mom.  

  When I say I don't want kids, it isn't because I am afraid of the mother I will be, because I had you as my mom.  It is because there are so many things I want to do and I know I can do because you have taught me to explore and always want to see and experience more.  

  Thank you for all that you do and all you have done.

  Happiest Mother's Day! 

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