Thursday, March 24, 2016

Utah Day 3-5

Days 3,4, and 5 were more relaxing. While it was a snow trip, I did skip out on skiing and snowboarding. After snowmobiling my body was hurting!  

Saturday was spent day drinking and hanging out. I suffered some pretty gnarly windburn from snowmobiling on Friday and my poor face did not like it. There were actual tears from the sheet running against my nose. It was bad. 

The resort hosted a star party which ended up being clouded over so we headed to a different hotel's bar. We had a great time, made friends with a guy named Glenwood, and did a few shot skis which I, of course, messed up. Never the less, it was an amazing Saturday night. 

On Sunday everyone (except me) hit the slopes. I was convinced to come down and try it out, I got ready, for in line and panicked....  I don't know why, but massive anxiety overtook me and I missed out on boarding. Next time I am SO taking skiing lessons. After the slopes, we all changed and drove to Bryce. It was simply stunning, but not as incredible as the sunset on the drive back to the resort. I have never witnessed the sun reflect such a vivid pink off the snow banks. 

Monday we hit the road for home through Zion. If you haven't been through there, go. It's amazing, peaceful, and chock full of nature. 

I'm sad vacation is over, but it just means it's time to plan my next one!