Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Utah Day 1-2

I am back home from my short, but totally worth it vacation.  I had every intention of going balls to the wall crazy and while I did on one day, the others were spent in down time and appreciating the beauty of nature.

Last Thursday night I took off on a road trip with a pit stop in Mesquite for the night.  Six and a half hours seemed way too long, but looking back if I were to do it again, I would so drive straight through.  Mesquite is a teeny tiny town on the Nevada-Arizona border north of Vegas.  While it might be ok to stop and pull a few handles and even fill up on gas, it was the most disgusting place to stop over for the night.  Maybe it was the fact that the hotel room smelled like Lysol and Old Spice, maybe it was the creepy leering men, or the fact that I narrowly avoided being vomited on, or perhaps it was all of those things combined, but I won't be back.  We stopped at midnight and were up and outta that gross room by 6:30 the next morning.  No showers and I brushed my teeth in the parking lot because I had a fear that the water was something Erin Brakovich would sign on for.

We had snowmobiling booked for 9 am on Friday, but we forgot about the hour time difference and were an hour and a half late because we had to stop for beer and breakfast on the way into Brian Head.  Once we go to the tour office it was smooth sailing.  Our guide, Jason, gave us a quick  how to course and we were off.  It was the most amazing, fun and extreme experience I could have asked for.  Jason was able to pick up on our abilities with the machines and push us to do more.  I was totally freaked out by the steep uphills, but by the end of the day I was taking those like a champ.  It was awesome to be pushed to limits and encouraged to let loose and just go for it.  There were jumps, street crossings and so many amazing things in between.  We all came back and decided we are including snowmobiles (if not purchasing our own) on all future winter vacations.

If you ever go to Brian Head, get the tour at Thunder Mountain with Jason, he was rad and definitely made out tour that much better!

Just below Brian Head Peak

Cedar Breaks National Monument

After a long day of snowmobiling, getting wind burnt and nearly peeing my pants from laughter it was awesome to unwind with a few cocktails.  This is where Utah gets tricky...  They have state laws mandating the alcohol percentages...  It kinda sucks, but I was still able to get a cider with 7%.