Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Making It March

March 1st... How did that happen so soon?  I mean, I am still looking for a Valentine... I guess I will just trade that for a St. Patty's Day drinking partner instead.

March is a longer month, but over in these parts it is VACATION month.  Yep, I finally get to feed my wanderlust with a trip to Utah.  I know, it doesn't sound all that awesome, but when you add in snowmobiling, snow, and general shenanigans I can guarantee a great time is coming my way.  Really I just can't wait to experience snow and winter conditions.  Now that I have typed that out, it will probably be like 65 degrees... Ugh!  I need winter!!!!!!!!!!

March is also my niece and nephew's birthday month.  They are ten days apart and are still small enough to be grateful for everything they get.  I am pretty sure they will be super excited about all of the clothes I got them.  Maybe I will throw down some money for them to have fun on their own vacation.  I guess I could be the fun and cool aunt that hands them wads of cash... And by "wads" I mean like 20 one dollar bills.

March also hosts one the biggest drinking days of the year... St. Patty's Day is a great holiday, but I hate that it's during the week sometimes.  Why can't they just move it over to a Saturday so I can get a full day of day drinking in?  In other news, I suck at day drinking.  It exhausts me and makes me feel like I need a nap or an early bedtime.

March shall be a very good month!