Thursday, February 25, 2016

Book Obsessed

I love reading and writing, hints the reason why I am a blogger and avid blog follower.  Reading expands your mind, imagination, vocabulary, and helps you to gain not only knowledge, but insight as well.  I can't imagine living in a world where I couldn't read or worse, where what I read was dictated to me.  There are so many genres that all a person really has to do is decide what they want to read about.  The possibilities are truly endless.

With this love of reading comes endless dollars spent on books and ebooks alike.  Honestly, I prefer a real book, but I hoard them.  Once I buy and read a book I cannot find it within me to get rid of the book, especially if it is one that I love.  I also love to re-read books so it has become an endless cycle.  It is bad, so very bad...  Bad enough that I still have a bookcase and boxes filled with books at my parent's house.  A dream come true would be a room filled with books from top to bottom.  

On a recent trip to Target I picked up a few books, came home and ordered a few books and downloaded a few more.  There is really no method to the books that I buy; some have pretty covers, some are historical fiction, thrillers, ghost stories, romances...  Really I just love to read.  It is an addiction and I am totally ok with that.  I love and the Kindle reader because with my Prime subscription I can literally get free books or books for 99 cents... 99 cents!!!!!  Here are my my most recent to reads:

 Have you read any of these?  Are you going to?

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