Wednesday, February 24, 2016

310 Nutrition Week 1

Last week I started 310 Nutrition meal replacement shakes.  You know the shakes that Gretchen, Kyle and Kim from the Housewives franchise drink.  I was looking for something that was relatively inexpensive and easy to use.  When I found the introductory sample for $9.99 with $3.00 shipping, I jumped at the opportunity.  As I was finishing checkout I had the option to add two pouches (30 shakes per pouch) for the price of one to my cart.  Clearly I took the opportunity to buy that great deal as well.

Day 1- I could get used to this.  For breakfast I blended a scoop of vanilla 310, a cup of unsweetened frozen pineapple, water, and ice.  It tasted like a cake batter milkshake and seemed filling until 10 am (2 hours later) hit and I was starving and willing to stab anyone and anything that looked at me weird.  I didn't think about a snack so I munched on the office pretzels until lunch.  Lunch was a chicken salad, where I felt like I over ate and blamed the shake for my hunger.  Dinner rolled around and I had an entire steak, salad and potato with veggies.  To say I was starving would be an understatement.

Day 2- What the what?!  I blended one scoop chocolate 310 with coffee, ice, and water... Most disgusting thing ever!  I am quoted as saying, "this tastes like what I think riboflavin would taste like!"  It left a film and chalky taste in my mouth.  I snacked on carrots and repeated my lunch option from Day 1.  Dinner was left over chicken and a salad from the weekend.

Day 3- 1 scoop 310 chocolate and water in the shaker cup.  No more of this blending nonsense, this is easy.   Lunch was a repeat from Day 1 and Day 2.  Dinner was homemade tacos.  I am feeling leaner and less bloated.

Day 4- Exact repeat of Day 3.

Day 5- Crap it is the weekend.  I won't let this get tricky, I won't.  I blended up on scoop 310 vanilla, water, ice, unsweetened pineapple, and a 1/2 cup of orange juice.  This is the best breakfast ever.  It's an Orange Julius in the form of a protein shake.  Lunch was a steak salad with some appetizers, dinner was mostly snacking.  I felt full and didn't really get hungry.

Day 6- Breakfast was basically skipped, lunch was Del Taco burrito.  Around 2 pm I had a chocolate and water 310 shake, dinner was kabobs and birthday cake.  I didn't really feel awful, but I noticed the added carbs made me bloat ridiculously.

Day 7- I woke up feeling hungover, blaming it on the bloating and cake from Day 6.  Breakfast is a chocolate and water 310 shake.  Lunch and dinner were halves of a sandwich, which was delicious.  However I notice that bread is making my stomach act up and bloat.

Yesterday was Day 8 and I am still suffering the after effects of so many added carbs.  I am not feeling great and I am blaming the slight cold I have and the bread.  We will see how week two progresses.