Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Self Confidence

The other day I was texting with my friend Ellie and she was telling me all about her latest Tinder "winners".  I put the word winners in quotes, because some of these guys are just awful.  There is no reason to be half naked and completely sexist and crude to a woman you are interested in, whether you want to date her or just sleep with her.  Show some respect for the lady you are trying to woo.  And before you say, "well she is on Tinder so what do you expect?", please keep in mind that some ladies only really have time for the shallow entertainment that Tinder offers and Ellie has a completely realistic view, she doesn't believe she will find a million Prince Charmings, she thinks that maybe there could be a potentially normal, non douchey guy on there.

To the point of this entire post...  Ellie has some really cute pictures on her profile especially because I helped her pick which ones to use.  One is of her is capris and a tank top showing off her tan and a smile for the vacation she is on.  What I see as a great picture of one my blog besties, some asshole saw a "heavy chick" and had the cruel audacity to say such a thing to her in their first message.  I believe the entire message was something like this: "hi, so who is the heavy chick on your profile?"...

I am going to repeat this, because yes this is in fact what he wrote... "hi, so who is the heavy chick on your profile?"

Who the f says that shit in the first place, in the first message?  Obviously, Ellie had the good humor to "unmatch' with him and not respond, thus throwing him back into the Tinder sea without so much as a big "fuck off" coming from her.  I don't know how she did, because I am over here still seething on her behalf.  I am shocked, who says that?  Obviously the pictures are of her and this one is just her.  Ellie immediately texted me with laughing emojis and was in utter shock as anyone in their right mind would be.

I guess my biggest issue is why would he swipe right on her if he was only planning to comment on her weight?  What if she was highly self conscious and that was the straw that broke the camel's back?  Did he think picking on her weight was going to prove something?  Did he need that small victory because someone found out what a disgusting tool he was?

No one, no matter who they think they are or how they think they are helping should comment on someone being "heavy", "fat", "unhealthy", or "obese" unless you are their doctor and even then I highly recommend using a bed side manner.  Weight is such a tricky thing.  It is easy to gain and horrifically hard to lose.  Instead of commenting on what you see as negative try for something positive, or better yet, shut your damn trap.

By the way, Ellie was a 12/14 in her "heavy" photo... You know the average size of an American woman.