Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Super Bowl 50

I would like to admit that I love parties.  Really any excuse for a party and I am ALL about it, so Super Bowl is no different and better yet, this year is Super Bowl 50!  While Tom and the boys were ousted by the Broncos two weeks ago, I will still be watching.  And yes, I am rooting for Peyton and the boys...  It's that "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" adage.

I have a few Super Bowl parties under my belt and truth be told, it isn't about the game and commercials so much as it is about the delicious food.  Here are my fail proof must haves for Super Bowl 50!

Chips and salsa- I love, love, love chips and salsa.  It is my go to snack.  All you really need is a big or two of Tostitos and a jar of salsa.  You can even make simple guacamole with avocados, salt/pepper/garlic salt to taste.

Wings- Chicken wings are about as sporty as sports are and completely necessary.   I prefer Frank's hot sauce the most.


Some cheese dip- Cheese, I love cheese and therefore cheese is required!  I have made this super easy queso dip and it is superb and highly recommended.

Burritos or massive sandwiches- Subway puts together a great deal for sandwiches, Costco or SAMS has deli trays or go to your local Mexican restaurant to see if they are doing any deals.  We have a local one that offers an 18" burrito with chips and salsa for $30.  That feeds 10-15 people.


Potato chips and dip- Preferrably onion dip or dill.

Cookies, cupcakes or other easy dessert.


As you can see, beer is VERY important.  I would go for broke if I paid for all of that beer so I request a BYOB and a dish with each RSVP.

For more Super Bowl ideas, visit this Pinterest Board!

It would seem your Super Bowl is complete, however it isn't.  I believe in Super Bowl squares.  You can pick the denomination.  We currently have three pages with three different amounts.  On game day we normally go with $1 squares for a $100 pot.  Sarah has an awesome tutorial on how to run your squares.

What is required for your epic Super Bowl party?

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