Wednesday, February 3, 2016

3 Years And Still Celebrating

Well it is here, the third "year" of Kristie's Blue Jeans.

I have come so far in the last three years.  When I started this blog I was a big jumbled mess of confusions, emotions, love, sarcasm, hopes, fears and BIG dreams.  Not much has changed in respect to a lot of those.

I am still walking around in a world of confused emotions, but not as keen on emotional discharge as I once was.  I have learned to take things in stride, to not allow others to bring me down, to walk away when things become hurtful and unnecessary to my life and well being.

This blog and you guys have watched my heart get broken and me bounce back from the immeasurable pain and aggravation that went along with it.  I have forgiven and moved past it into a shaky friendship which amazes me and I am so grateful for.  Seems weird that I am grateful, but sometimes you have to forgive to move on.

I have met some of the most amazing people through blogging that I now get to call friends.  Blogging is such a small yet vast world and I love that I belong here.  I love that you guys come and read the nonsense and hilarity I throw up on the internet.  It may not be every day, but every time you read and comment on a post I feel lucky to have you visits.  Please keep coming back here, because I love y'all!

I have grown more comfortable in my skin, working hard to maintain a healthy life style.  To love more openly and straightforwardly, to give thanks to the many people and blessings in my life.

I can't wait to see what is coming in the next year, five years even ten years.

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