Friday, February 12, 2016

Snap Out Of It

As Valentine's Day is this weekend I have noticed a HUGE trend of bitter singles.  Between reading statues on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, memes on Instagram and WAY too many posts on Elite Daily and Thought Catalog, I am starting to feel the bitter bug and it isn't even that I am bitter.

Sure Valentine's Day is a ploy for Hallmark and See's to make money along with countless jewelry sellers across the world.  No one ever said it has to be the love of a significant other you celebrate.  There are so many types of love you can celebrate and shouldn't we celebrate love everyday not just February 14th.

Here are the people and love we should celebrate ALL year long:

Siblings- Sure I hate them at times and they hate me, but I love my sisters ALL year long, even my brother in law who can be a bit obnoxious.  They are the ones to call you on your shit and to boost you up when needed.  Your confidants and self esteem pushers.

Parents- Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE my parents, because they are the best, coolest and craziest people I have ever known.

Kids- My niece and nephew drive me crazy sometimes, but honestly before they were around there wasn't much fun and laughter as what they bring to the family.  Between my niece saying "mother fucker" and my nephew tattling, there are laughs for days.

Girlfriends- Every girl should have a good and solid group of girls she can turn to in times of need.  Some may drift apart over time, but as long you answer the phone or return the call you know it is a friendship that will last.  I love my girls.  Some of us make really bad decisions, but we typically help pick each other up and push each other for greatness.

Guyfriends- I may be one of the few who have great guy friends.  I get to experience teenage boy humor and "your mom" jokes every time I see these guys.  We have a bond and I love them, because they are awesome.

So if you are single and bitter, snap the F out of it.  Seriously, because guess what, you are still going to be single when you wake up on February 15th.

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