Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Highlights

Super Bowl has come and gone and now that it is over all teams are back at 0 wins and 0 losses.  Therefore each team is undefeated which is music to this Pats fan.  To be completely honest I was too busy socializing and drinking beer to really pay attention to the game.  Yep I was so that girl this year... Oops.  I am blaming it on all of the wonderful company I had and the fact that I need more chairs/ a better party arrangement for my living room.

Here are the few things I did notice-

Peyton should retire.  I mean, hello, he has two rings and there really isn't a better way to go out than in a blaze of glory.  I will miss him, but I don't want to see him all washed up and a has been.

Cam didn't show up.

Oven racks are hot.

The commercials... I missed those too.

I had excellent people helping clean up.  Seriously, my mom and sister shoved all of the extra food into my fridge somehow.

Joe Montana isn't doing too hot.

Sometimes it isn't about the game, but rather socializing.

Why was Beyonce the half time entertainment?

Whisky shots are a good idea within reason.

Not everyone was on the same "buzz" level as others.

Parties in my family are a group effort (thanks taking all that trash out Kenny!).

Football squares can pay you some money.

The Broncos won, but that is old news.

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