Friday, January 22, 2016

Thirty Awesome Things In 29 Years

Today marks 6 months until my thirtieth birthday and I started thinking about all sorts of things.  One thing I thought about were all the cool and amazing things I have done in my almost thirty years.

- stood at the start line of a top fuel drag race

- hiked to the top Xuantunich ruins in Belize on the border of Guatemala
- inadvertently swam with sharks in Cozumel

- hung out with Shooter Jennings and his band
- was chased by an iguana through the jungles of Cozumel

- managed to get into the PBR rodeo awards ceremony

- went on a binder to Deadwood

- watched the sunrise in Wyoming only to see it set in California

- front row at the Violent Femmes

- ghost adventures in Nashville

- mountain summer nights under the stars

- spent a day drinking wine in Coppola's cafe Zoetrope

- saw Corb Lund in an intimate concert setting

- realized I can be friends with "the one" after the relationship has ended

- explored the ruins at Chitchen Itza

- staring up at the beauty of the Canadian Rockies

- experiencing the chaos that is Sturgis

- snowboarding a blizzard in Mammoth

- witnessed numerous fireworks shows of Sleeping Beauty's castle

- ghost adventures in Chicago

- wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma

- been told I was the best aunt by my two favorite munchkins

- being awe struck by Lake Powell

- was wished love and happiness by the one who as my love and happiness

- night adventures in Canada to find the Northern Lights

- met and became friends with awesome bloggers

- moose sight seeing in the Canadian Rockies

- traveled 1000's of mile only to be happy to come home

- learned how to remove negative people from my life

- embraced getting older

Some may seem rudimentary, but to me they are really big things.

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