Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Year So Far

We aren't even a week in and I am already totally blowing the whole "blog ambition" thing.

My goals for this little space here are to reach just over 42,000 views in the next year.  That breaks down to 114.75 views needed per day to get to the 100,00 views of all time.

Seems kind of steep, but who knows, I might actually pull it off.  I mean I am pretty damn awesome so I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to read my blog.

Here are a few highlights of 2016 so far-

New iPhone 6S, because I am a f-ing moron and practically threw my 5S on the ground Christmas weekend.  No joke, it was freezing butt cold and windy as heck and I went to grab my phone, but hands were so cold the damn thing went flying.  If that wasn't bad enough, I got a shard of glass from the shattered screen stuck in my finger and started freaking out and yelling at my mom to get it out.  It also proved that even though I will be 30 in a few short months, I still need my mama to help me with injuries.  It took about a week for me to get the new phone and I already miss my old one.  We had been through so much together and she was always a champ.

Willie Nelson and Family... Let's just say it wasn't exactly worth the $65 I paid to get in, but it was still pretty good.  Plus, I get to say I saw him live in concert and that is all that really matters here.  The man threw at least four of his trademark red bandannas into the crowd and the senior citizens just about broke a hip diving to catch them.  I don't think this was wise of Willie, but what do I know, I am not in my 80's yet.

Fantasy Football.  So technically this was last year, but It was still the 2015-2016 season and I took first in Sarah's Fantasy League full of 20 girls.  I have to admit I was pretty damn impressed with my skills and those of Cam Newton.  Dude saved my team this year.

Hopefully these things are semi indicative of what 2016 will hold for me.