Monday, January 11, 2016

"Making A Murderer"- My Thoughts

Over the weekend I finished the Netflix documentary "Making A Murderer".  You know, the show that everyone and their mom is talking about and signing petitions for the exoneration of Steven Avery.  With over 100,000 signatures to the White House, the White House had no choice but to say they couldn't help as the conviction was on the state level.

I have so many conflicted feelings after finishing this documentary.  Clearly DNA evidence helped Avery be released from his prior conviction in which he was wrongly convicted of a brutal sexual assault, but that same thing is what nailed him with a first degree murder conviction in 2007.  I don't know that he is guilty, but I do know this, if what this documentary says happened there is a definite reasonable doubt where Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are concerned.

Here are my feelings-

-If it were me- had I been wrongly convicted in a county that already had it out for me I don't think I would have stuck around nor do I think I would have sued the county for $36 million dollars because one way or another, they would be out for me,

- Where in the hell was Teresa Halbach's blood?  The human body circulates approximately 5 and half quarts of blood yet there was no blood evidence,

-The taped confession of Brendan Dassey showed nothing more than a few cops railroading a kid with a disability.

-The love and faith Mr. and Mrs. Avery have for Steven shows the strength and ferocity of a parent's love.  I am sure they are dying inside of a broken heart.

- I screamed, a lot, at my television while watching the court hearing episodes.  Some instances were like a circus.

-Kayla Avery lied to investigators because they had her so intimated she felt she had no other choice but to lie about her cousin's, Brendan Dassey, involvement.

-Steven Avery has another new girlfriend...  I don't know why, but this is a fascinating fact to me.

-Halbach's brother, ex boyfriend and roommate are straight up creepy and my gut tells me that the roommate stalked her there and killed her.  There is just something off about that.

-How was Dassey's attorney's investigator's testimony even legitimate?

-How could they just "replace" a juror when one was dismissed during deliberations?

-Cellphones were not as big of a deal in 2005 as they are today so her cell phone records being pulled and printed by her roommate and ex boyfriend tell me they were looking for something they might have to have hidden.

-Seriously though, where was her blood?  Kratz claimed that Avery killed Halbach in his garage, however there is no evidence of such.

All in all, I can honestly say I don't know if Avery and Dassey committed the crimes in which they were convicted for, but I can honestly say there is a gap that gives out doubt.  Our justice system is heavily flawed and I think sometimes investigators and attorneys need to take a step back and remember they are there to serve the people.

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