Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jareth the Goblin King

Yesterday I woke to news I didn't think would make so very sad.  I am, of course, writing about the death of David Bowie.

I cannot tell you when I was first introduced to the amazingness of David, the glam rock of Ziggy or the sinister side of "Jareth" for they have all been so deeply entrenched in my youth.

"Heroes" and "Space Oddity" were and still are two of my very favorite songs.  "The Labyrinth" was the only movie I wanted to watch at the baby sitter's house.  I am pretty sure I wore her VHS out.

David Bowie pushed and prodded and made amazing music.  The world will be a very sad place now that he is no longer here making music and art.  I hope we never forget that we were lucky to have lived in the same time as him for he was a true innovator.

Here are my favorites of David Bowie:

May you fly among the stars dear Goblin King.

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