Friday, November 20, 2015

No Love For Turkey

A couple years ago I wrote this post all about how I really didn't like Thanksgiving.

Not much has changed.

In the two years since that post my aunt passed away and what was once a tolerable holiday because we celebrated her birthday as well is now a pointless dramatic holiday.

For instance, my father is currently not speaking to me because I told him I was going out of town and he got angry because I am leaving him alone with crazy people and turkey.  We don't eat turkey in case you were wondering.

I am no longer going on a trip but have somehow been guilted into celebrating something that is meaningless to me.

There have been approximately four huge blow ups regarding Thanksgiving and it isn't even here yet.

I just want to know who is bringing sweet potatoes because I need to know if I should bring my own.

The entire family (NINE OF US) will be sucked back into the drama again at Christmas, but at least there are presents and prime rib.

Suffice it to say, Thanksgiving hasn't gotten better, just more chaotic and angry.

Oh well, here is to you and yours next week.  Drink a bottle of wine for me.