Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Recap

Whew the weekends really fly by these days.

Mine was chock full of chores, friends and football.  It was a great weekend.

My wonderful mama put this amazing jack o' lantern topiary.  It is just amazing.  I can even turn it around for just a pumpkin topiary.

Saturday I hosted a BBQ just because it had been awhile.  My wonderful family helped out SO much and my neighbors and a few good friends came.  It makes the mess and clean up so worth it when you think of how much fun everyone had.  Of course I didn't get any pictures because I didn't even have my phone on me most of the night.

I finally tried out this Pumpkin Cheesecake Bar recipe and let me tell y'all they were a hit.  So much so that I only have a tiny square left.  Not only were they a hit, but so freaking easy to make.  It made me think of how much I need to get back into the kitchen.  Next batch I make I think I will try out in ramekins or make them destructed.

Sunday was full of football and leftovers.  It was nice to have everyone over for Bloody Marys.  Have y'all tried out whiskey instead of vodka in your Marys?  DELICIOUS!  It gives the Mary a bit of a beefier flavor that sits well.  Seriously try it out.

Also I found a new fall love- Lenie's Harvest Patch Shandy.  It's like the sweet nectar of the Autumn gods.  I want to blend it with ice cream!

Have a happy Monday!