Thursday, October 15, 2015

I love Fall and Swaps!

As you have read my complaints many times before, I am missing out on that crisp fall weather.  It is really such a bummer because I really just want to wear boots and scarves while sipping on apple cider.  Southern California please get your act together!

Even though I am missing out on the wonderful weather that should be fall, I still signed up for a fall swap.  I was paired with Emelia from Dream Big and Buy the Shoes and I had so much fun getting to know her through emails, Instagram and her blog.

Emelia is awesome, not only did she send me sweet wonderful items, but she was getting married right in the midst of the swap!  Talk about being a multitasker!  I was really lucky seeing as I got two of the most delicious smelling candles, cute polka dot napkins (that I will be "saving" for a special occasion), a "yummy" mug (which is now my favorite mug!), a Starbuck's gift card and Sensual Amber lotion from Bath and Body works along with Tic Tacs and a pocket sized antibacterial.  She really spoiled me and I am so glad I go to know her.

I have hosted a couple of swaps and participated in a lot of them and let me tell you this, I love getting to meet new bloggers from all over.  Swaps are almost like a social media outlet, but you get to know the blogger even better through so many lines of communications.  Not to mention the fun you have in picking out and sending items you hope the other person will love.

Check out the swap here!